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Over the past few years that I have been working on my B.S. in Religion through Liberty University I have gone through many changes. These changes have been across the entire spectrum of the mental, physical, and spiritual. My relationships with others have changed drastically as I have moved through this chapter of my life.  Through much of this time I have wanted to have a forum to discuss all the many things I have come across over the years and nothing has seemed to really fit this desire for me.  I setup a small Facebook group, but it just is not the right format.  This seems like it will be much better for me and everyone interested in the things I would like to share.


Some specifics:



Yep, this is the first reason to start a blog on the Bible, theology, and all the things that go with them.  Facebook is a great tool, but every tool has its limitations.  Groups and pages for things can be made on Facebook and those are great depending on the audience you want to reach and how much customizability you want.  It also is great for allowing you access to an extremely large group of people that can see, comment on, like, and dislike whatever you say in sometimes quite colorful words.  Therein is the problem with Facebook.  Unless I go through a series of gymnastics with the settings absolutely everyone can see what I post there.  Isn’t that the point you ask?  Well, yes and no.  Facebook is used for a great deal more than religious discussion for me, and with this being such a huge part of my life I feel it deserves more specialized attention.  I also tire of looking at Facebook.


The Audience

Many people do not reply to the posts made on my Facebook page or in the groups I have been a part of.  They do, however, take it to private chat.  When that happens the whole point of the discussion group is lost.  I have been in numerous chats at the same time on the same topic and it is rather confusing.  It also gets old having to copy and paste the same thing to ten different people.

There is something more though.  The audience is much larger.  I have this little rule that I do not add people on Facebook to things I am a part of unless I know them.  I am constantly whittling down my friends list as well.  The potential for new people to find this blog is much higher than the chances of them both finding my Facebook group and also being added.



Not everything can be explained in the bland paragraphs of Facebook.  I like structure: bold, italics, underlines, font changes, pictures and links where I want them, etc.

Why “Random Thoughts”?  Well, I guess I named the page that because random thoughts are usually what catch my interest.  There is no telling what I will want to share with people from one moment to the next.  One thing I have learned through my studies is that there are a lot of people that believe they “have it right” and they pay no attention to the fact that there are numerous other groups out there with the same belief.  It is my belief that we should all take a moment to see the other facets on the many topics Christians discuss.  Nobody should be afraid to share their opinion out of fear that somebody else will tell them they are stupid or ignorant.  This is a place for those discussions to take place.

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